Fantasy Farm


Eco farm
Healing space

Gay by nature, open to sensitive queer beings.

Vegetarian, without tobacco or alcohol
Simple, sober, peacefuljoyful.

A place where small gatherings take place, often with mixed profiles and sometimes in non-mixity

Open throughout the year and seasons, a benevolent, collaborative, participative, intuitive way of life.

Artistic residencies are possible at Fantasy Farm, apply with as many details as possible.

The principles of permaculture, working with all the natural elements including body and mind, developing the relationship to nature, the elements and spontaneity.

No dogma or politics life based on tolerance, listening, benevolence, fun, discovery and consent

The time of nature is both long and fragile, taking care of each other, of our surroundings, building together the space for our discoveries and pleasures.

Taking part and making one step at a time towards this ideal.


Summer 2024


Outside of the themed gatherings, the farm is open to all for intuitive retreats.
For people who want to do some building work, there are always things to do, projects to complete.
Gardening, cooking, well-being activities and creativity are part of the daily activities at Fantasy Farm.

30 August to 8 September
Nudist Men

Co creative workshops

limited availability, maximum 10/12 men
reservation necessary
suggested donation 40 euros per day


1 to 12th
Work on the walls
Hemp and lime workshops

13 to 18th
rest and restore

19 to 28th
festivals and / or total impro

19 to 21 July
Rêve de l’Aborigène

25 to 27 July

27 July


5th to 15th August
capacity will be reduced to minimum whist the roof work is ongoing


Discover, go on a search for our true selves, the beauty of ourselves and others.

Visit & Stay

Visit, stay, live at Fantasy Farm

Staying at the farm can take various forms.
Contributions are made on a donation basis according to personal means.

The suggested daily amount is 30 euros outside of the nudist men events where the suggested amount is 40 euros. During "intensive work" periods the amount is reduced to 10/20 euros.

Suggested stay is one week, allowing to settle down, understand the place and how you can contribute and gain from you stay, to learn and share an experience.
The wish, the intention, is to offer an immersive experience of a simple eco-logical and natural way of life based on collaboration that is actually quite comfy.

The farm is also offering short stays through MisterBNB, wether for a week-end break or a stopover. The suggested donation for full board is 60 euros.

There is no maximum length of stay, temporary residences or the desire to settle for an indefinite period is done over time in a natural and organic way in agreement with permanent residents.

Artistic residencies in various shapes, forms and sizes are welcome, please apply through email

The form containing practical information must be completed for ANY FIRST STAY


Ecology of Fantasy Farm

Ecological awareness pushes us to review our ways of thinking, our lifestyles and consumption.

Sharing, cooperation, food production are the only solutions to live in the future which is already so much part of our present.

The LGBTQ+ community dimension is very important in this space. The rural world has often been hostile to gender and sexual diversity, pushing the people concerned to hide or flee to urban centers. Let's not forget that nature is diverse, without prejudice or binarity, it is also a source of benefits for mental and psychological health for all beings who venture there. The magical dimensions of the forests and the wild only add an extra layer to make nature, the countryside, an ideal place of natural fulfillment for sensitive LGBTQI beings. Living there together is therefore the most coherent thing to do.

Fantasy Farm starts from these observations and offers a fulfilling environment, a sustainable and ecological place to live, a magical and spiritual place. Organic permaculture, the forest garden concept are the models used to create links between nature and humans.

Activities & Skills

Activities, Skills

Nature holds the central stage at Fantasy Farm, it is linked to the sweetness of life, the pleasure of meals, moments of rest. The vegetable garden, the orchard and gardening are part of the daily activities alongside general upkeep and maintenance.

Fantasy Farm has many spaces to practice all kinds of well-being activities, relaxation, creativity of all kinds, festive moments and rituals.

Participation in daily tasks is shared naturally in co-creation. Our inter-human relationships must follow a sustainable and ecological logic thanks to the care and attention we pay to ourselves and others in all our actions.

The existence of the place and its development depend on the relationship with nature and the wild. The vegetable garden, the care of trees, shrubs and flowers, are our daily activities. These activities must nourish us spiritually in order to flourish. Our plates can only be filled by creating a sustainable, coherent ecosystem that is above all based on happiness and fulfilment.

Fantasy Farm tries to create a model of queer creative spiritual eco living.

A taste for gardening, DIY, cooking, getting your hands dirty as well as creativity are prerequisites for wishing to stay and live on the farm.

No technical skills are necessary, everything is learned by doing, by learning from each others skills and experience, our care, softness and joy.

Financial Support

Help and contribute

Financial support is the most efficient way to support the farm.
Whatever the donation and its form, it will be received with happiness and gratitude.