Throughout the year, WorkWeeks are organized

These are an opportunity to do and make things together,
without forgetting leisure and pleasure activities.

The work weeks are indicated on the calendar.

The WorkWeeks s are an opportunity to share knowledge and techniques, to learn and to assist.

Assistance to a project manager is an essential role on any project,
it does not require any particular skill apart from attention, observation, availability and support.

During the WorkWeeks, many support talents are needed, including cooking, massages and healing.
The WorkWeeks are not reserved for DIY pros and include a number of other activities.

If you want to come and participate in a WorkWeek outside the ones scheduled on the calendar, just indicate it on the registration form as the non gathering weeks are a great opportunity for these too.

Just register by detailing your desires, your talents and your availability.

If you participate in a WorkWeek, you are required to be covered by personal insurance as for anyone who comes to Fantasy Farm. For people outside the EU health insurance is necessary.

You will be responsible for the risks you take.
In no case will you be forced to take unconsented risks.

The complete schedule is here, the construction weeks are indicated there

Weeks of participatory work are planned at specific times but at any time the work and various achievements are possible

Since the beginning of 2023, many visits have made it possible to progress on many structural work sites, which now allows many possibilities for development.

The work will therefore be according to needs and desires, they may concern electricity, plumbing, carpentry and any form of DIY.

There are also renovation works on the walls and ceiling of a bedroom with the need to remove the old coatings and paint in order to be able to install new lime and hemp based coatings for the walls facing the outside and a pointing of the stones for a rendering of exposed stones for the interior wall. The ceiling will simply be repainted.

What is planned
not exhaustive

Each person can propose and make changes, improvements and be creative with that comes to mind.
Structural changes are subject to prior discussion and agreement by the group and the board.