The project is born out of many inspiring people and places, and then wanting to make a dream come true.

I have always dreamed of a place to live, to thrive, to feed myself. A place where I could care for myself and others, where creativity could flourish and nature participate in the nourishment.

An experimental place, a place of magic and discovery, of tolerance. A queer place based on the principles of yoga, "The Queer Ashram". I obviously got this notion of an ashram in India where I spent a lot of time over the past 12 years. In an ashram there is a guru, for "The Queer Ashram" this guru should be nature. This will be clearly written in the statutes : "freedom and the development of one's own nature, inspired by nature".

The principles should be those of non-violence, vegetarianism, tolerance, sobriety, non-consumption of substances such as tobacco and alcohol. The spiritual process should also be very important.

The place, the space should be able to host and welcome passersby as well as people who wish to stay a while, people who wish to invest time and creative energy to make it an abode open to diversity, tolerance, caring and sharing.

A vegetable garden, a prairie and some forest area are essential, a rural setting, quiet, tranquil and beautiful.

My name is Mark, I am the bearer of the project and, following a professional retraining at the age of 40, I left the corporate world, international trade to follow my dream to learn massage and yoga, to start actively caring for myself and others.

For several years now, I have felt an increasingly pressing call to nature. I flee the city and, in addition to my long-term escapades in India, I regularly visit a queer and 'ecological' sanctuary in the Vosges region in France. I spent time in Sadhana Forest ( as well as in Vandana Shiva's farm school, Navdanya ( as well as others special places in India such as Varkala, Tiruvanalai, Kolkata, Rishikesh and the Himalayas.

I had to continue in my search for more coherence, closer to home, closer to nature, taking part in building some community spirit and space. I found a farm, I bought it, I thought about the associative statutes, they were deposited and published. Dreaming and living are an ongoing, integrative process.